KCM Army Sr Sec School

Parents Corner

To the Parents

1. Admission of your children in the school is not the end of your responsibilities towards your children.

2. Your children are at the school for about six hours only on school days. They are at home for much more time and hence you must see what they do during the remaining hours of the day and during the holidays.

3. You must closely watch that your children come to the school daily, study at least for three hours at home daily and keep good company.

4. See that your children keep all the books, copies, pencil, pen etc. in their bags.

5. Avoid giving too much pocket money to your children.

6. Do not detain your children at home for petty reasons. A school day lost is lost forever

7. Address all your requests, complaints or suggestions to the Principal.

8. Success of your children in examination depends on the combined efforts of the

Parents and the teachers

9.         Parents must not enter classroom either to see their wards or the teachers during class hours. They can meet the teachers only on PTM (Parent Teacher Meeting) days or during the school recess on other working days.

10.       Parents should co-operate with the school in its attempts to help their children progress by working diligently. They should regularly check the School bags and diaries of their wards and see that all notices, invitation etc are acted upon.

11.       Parents must inform the school if there is any change in their address/telephone number.

12.       Parents must inform the School if their child has any specific medical problem.

13.       Leave for half-day should be avoided, as far as possible, for security reasons. Children, when sick, should not be sent to school to attend classes. For any specific medical problems, the parents must inform the school authorities prior to the commencement of academic session.

14.       The parent’s attention is drawn to the fact that criticism of any teacher of the school in the presence of a child causes the child to lose his/her respect for that teacher and this may actually retard his/her progress.

15.       Fees.    It is the responsibility of the Parents to ensure timely payment of fees. Fees will be paid in four Quarterly Instalments.

  • 1st Instalment (April to June) – To be paid in the month of April, by 10 Apr
  • 2nd Instalment (July to September) – To be paid in the month of July, by 10 Jul
  • 3rd Instalment (October to December) – To be paid in the month of Oct , by 10 Oct
  • 4th Installment (January to March) – To be paid in the month of January, by 10 Jan
  • At the time of admission, the first instalment of fee along with Admission Fee and other Annual Charges shall have to be paid.
  • For any delay in payment of Fees, a penalty at the rate of Rs 10 per day will be levied.
  • Any delay of fees by more than two months will result in the Child not being permitted to attend classes.