KCM Army Sr Sec School

Our Ethos


KCM ARMY SR SEC SCHOOL is one of the leading academic institutions of Bhiwani situated at National Highway 148 B, Hansi Road, Bhiwani (Haryana)

A school Co-Education KCM is a busy, passionate and purposeful place where independent thinking is encouraged and excellence is nurtured. Our ethos resides in the enduring values of the quality education, reflected in its motto where it states that our pupils should “pursue excellence in the field of their choice” and ensure the proper physical, mental and moral growth of the pupils “to create in them a zest for learning in tune with modern scientific temper”.

This outward-looking approach to education defines the School today. We are a place that embraces learning, encourages deep thinking and takes great pleasure in the pursuit of knowledge and understanding; but, most importantly, we want to encourage our boys and girls to use their skills and intelligence to benefit society.

We seek to encourage young people to engage in a loyal dissent. While our pupils are loyal to the principles of a quality education, respectful to genuine scholarship and appreciative of the learning process, yet they are prepared to challenge, to question and to explore the content of that learning, pushing boundaries and overturning expectations.

For years KCM has been the educational home of some of the most influential thinkers, writers, poets, politicians, artists, actors, musicians, economists, linguists, scientists, philosophers and social entrepreneurs and we look forward to many more years of playing such a role in the shaping of history.