KCM Army Sr Sec School


The Music Department caters for the entire School from Little Nursery Kids to XII Standard students.  There are two strands to its work, in the form of Timetabled Curricular Classes and Extra-Curricular Activities.  The principal objective of these activities is to help pupils achieve their fullest potential in the subject by developing skills, understanding and an appreciative response across as wide a range of music as possible.

Classes are small and this allows for a gradual accumulation of musical experience which is further reinforced by frequent opportunities for practical activity. The perfect music lesson will result in enjoyment, informed understanding and a sense of natural progression.

Students are provided with the lessons on an orchestral instrument such as Harmonium, Guitar, Electric Piano, Dholak, Tabla, Flute etc. Practice for vocal music is also provided to the students. The whole school sings prayer at morning assembly with complete orchestra.

Enjoyment and fun are the keywords to music at KCM as pupils are introduced to what will, for many, become a life-long pleasure.